This was a two-part capstone project completed as a team with four members. The objective was to create both a business plan and buying plan in written paper format, which are summarized in the slide show below. We selected a local retailer, Dillard's, and acted as regional buyers for the Junior's wear department, focussing on Spring/Summer 2019. 
The business plan gave an in-depth view of Dillards, our competition, a SWOT analysis, and our planned retail marketing strategy. We also determined our financial goals, and a suggested buying plan for two categories, skirts and jackets, based on industry research.
The buying plan was completed as a sub-group with two members, and my group focussed on skirts. We developed a merchandise buying plan based on research and trend analysis, created a 6-month budget plan, a pricing plan including markups and markdowns, and an assortment plan for three sub-classifications of skirts. 
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